On Demand
Video Streaming

Store and Share Video Content
Through One Simple Solution

Our cost-effective on demand video solution provides your content a secure and efficient space for on demand viewing using the best in advanced transcoding. Easily manage your videos and launch them to multiple distribution channels like Youtube and Vimeo from one dashboard.

Make The Player
Your Own

Easily embed your video content across multiple channels with the unique look and feel of your brand. Choose from a variety of skins, colors, graphics, and descriptions that are compatible with any mobile and desktop device.

Provide a Quality Video Experience
at a Lower Cost

All videos uploaded are automatically transcoded to provide an optimized viewing experience. Each device will play the best quality based on internet speed and device capability to avoid buffering issues that can affect the success of your content.

Password Protect

Control your videos with security you can trust by enabling password protection with ease. Control video access for each user or create a generic password for anyone to use.


Take advantage of the advanced location options available. Display a custom message for viewers in specific physical locations thanks to our proprietary technology handled by the most accurate IP location databases in the market.

Complete Control From One Dashboard

Save time organizing your video content
across multiple channels through our
easy to manage dashboard.

Easily embed groups of videos at once and disperse them across multiple channels.
Content updates through Stream Monkey affect the same video that has already been dispersed in other places.

YouTube & Vimeo

Easily disperse your videos and audio content across popular channels with one upload to the Stream Monkey server.


Each video is automatically converted into an audio file that can add versatility as a video and audio podcast.

Set-Top Box

An Apple TV app, Amazon Fire TV app, and Roku channel are three ways you can reach your audience easily by streaming directly to their television. Stream Monkey will build and connect these channels to your platform for a simple solution to increase the reach of your content.

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