New to Streaming?

Go live! Start by considering these three simple steps in learning what’s necessary for streaming your videos live to the internet. Collect the gear needed with a simple starter package, turn your video into a feed for the internet, and stream it to your website for all devices.

1. Capture Your Event

Using cameras and a switcher is a great way to capture your event in a compelling way for your viewers.
We suggest starting with a pan-tilt-zoom camera package and a switcher.

Starting at $6495.

Connect with us to learn how to add this to your production.

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2. Encode Your Video

Turn your video feed into a signal that can be sent to Stream Monkey.
We will help choose the right encoder for you and help get it all setup! Let’s make this as simple for you as possible.

We suggest starting with Wirecast Studio for just $695.

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3. Stream to Your Viewers

Utilize our simple platform to do everything you need to stream video online.
Stream live, on demand, and simulated live videos. Integrate with other platforms and deliver to all devices including mobile, desktop, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and via podcast.

Plans starting at $99/month.

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Technical Specifications

Camera Package Specs
  • 2 PTZoptics PT20X-SDI-GY
  • 4 50' BNC SDI cables
  • 5 50' Cat5 cables
  • 1 PTZoptics PT-JOY-G2 Controller
  • 1 Roland V-1SDI Portable 3G-SDI video switcher
Encoder Specs (Wirecast)
  • Capture unlimited number of input devices
  • Unlimited stream outputs for MBR streaming
  • Resolutions up to 1080p
  • Live switching, animated titles, transitions, and more
  • Records to local drive
  • Easy streaming to Facebook Live
  • Capture device and computer required
    (Ask us about Wirecast Gear)
Streaming Plan Specs (Pro plan)
  • Live streaming
  • On Demand and Simulated Live streaming
  • DVR/Recording
  • Embeddable player
  • File Transcoding
  • Analytics
  • Daily Support (weekends too!)
  • Stream any resolution
  • Unlimited streams, viewers, hours, etc. (starting at 250GB streaming plan)