Stream Monkey provides the simplest
live streaming solution for churches.

Live Streaming for Churches

Worship services are being streamed more and more every week. Stream Monkey is an awesome opportunity for any church or synagogue to begin streaming live and on demand. The platform is designed to be easy to use, allows for archival of services each week, and is super reliable on the weekend. Schedule previous services to playback anytime. We offer tech support every day of the week, including Sunday morning!

Live Streaming

Capture your live worship service and share it around the world with the most reliability and highest quality. Embed our player on any website.

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On Demand Video

Upload or save your content and easily manage it in one platform to simply deliver across multiple viewing channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Apple TV, and Roku.

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Multisite Management

Broadcast your live service from one location to many locations with a guarantee of delivery, HD quality, and at lower prices than Satellite or Fiber.

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New to Live Streaming?

Learn how you can start your church streaming
from scratch in three simple steps.

We used to handle all online streaming on our own and regularly had issues. Now we use Stream Monkey, we know that every aspect is being handled professionally. Their customer service and expertise are unmatched! One weekend in the winter, we had to cancel all services at our local campuses because of an ice storm. We had our entire church family watch online, and it was a tremendously successful weekend for us. That could not have happened without our Stream Monkey team!”

Kyle Goyer Fellowship Church

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Stream Monkey video technology provides a high quality viewing experience for any audience and an advanced management system for broadcast operators - like event planners, content managers, and brand specialists - all in one convenient solution. Take a tour of the easy to use platform that allows you to customize the experience to your brand and audience needs, while capturing more details than you knew were possible.