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Advanced Live Streaming

Share your content with any audience around the world through a secure connection optimized for the highest quality experience.

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Simple On Demand Video

Save your broadcast and other video content in one location that is secure and easy to disperse across multiple viewing channels.

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Multisite Management

Upload, maintain, and organize video content distributed to multiple locations with one easy
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Comprehensive Event Broadcasting

Control your broadcast from one easy to use dashboard to monitor viewer connections, analyze audiences, and simplify workflow.

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Dusty Kraatz

XI Media Productions “Since partnering with Stream Monkey in 2015 to produce the world's first LIVE 4K live stream, I can honestly say that they have become our most valuable asset and strategic partner. From pushing the limits of delivery with 4K content, adopting pre-roll ad insertion and social functionality as well as offering a very client pleasing array of back end support and analytics, Stream Monkey does it all. They make us look like total rock stars in the process as well.”

Andrew Stone

Church on the Move “Since we switched to Stream Monkey from our previous provider, we haven’t once regretted it! They provide everything we need for our church to stream reliably, track our viewer information, and reach an audience of thousands of online viewers every month. The support and attention Stream Monkey provides to us is second to none and I feel secure knowing that they have our back.”

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10 Things to Do Before You Start Streaming

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